Our Approach is Simple.

A Philosophy Guided by Our Passion.

We must stop the killing and start the healing.

The application of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides results in the genocide of countless life forms–from invisible soil microbes, to butterflies, bees, and birds. The -cides also contaminate our water, air, and food, threatening our health and that of future generations.

Organic, regenerative agriculture is the solution.  Healing Soils Foundation was founded because uncontaminated living, breathing, microbe-rich soils are critical — not only for healthy food and for our own health, but for the health and survival of our planet. We educate our practitioner-farmers, health-care professionals, and others on the folly of our current chemical-industrial, factory food system, and on the many benefits of a regenerative, organic, biodiverse, ecological food system.

Ecological agriculture is critical to positive, systemic change, which leads to healthy soils, healthy foods, and positive health care outcomes. Regenerative agriculture and Agroforestry also sequesters carbon and can mitigate and partially reverse climate change.
Your support of the Healing Soils Foundation helps capitalize the conversion to regenerative, healthy agriculture that brings soil back to life.  And when we enhance the life of the soil, we enhance the life of every living thing, including you and your loved ones.

It is not too late to act and make a difference for our own and future generations.

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Let the healing begin.

Our Team

About Us

David E. Miller

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

After a 30-year career in corporate finance and real estate, Mr. Miller returned to his native Illinois landscape in 2005 by purchasing a 10 acre farm from a family estate of his relatives.


Fany Bortolin


Fany has a Bachelors degree and Masters in Accounting and Financial Management and an additional BA in Social Psychology. Her strengths lie in driving financial & operational improvements in both growth & challenging economic environments, as well as creating environments that fosters engagement, commitment, and collaboration.

Her uncompromising commitment to environmental issues, organic farming, and health brought her to join Healing Soils Foundation in 2019.


Dr. Stephen P. Rivard

M.D., Chairperson

Dr. Rivard earned his undergraduate and medical degrees from Loyola University of Chicago. After twenty-six years of working in emergency medicine, he changed careers and founded Illinois Vein Specialists in Illinois in 2008.




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