The Midwest has 54% of owner- operated land, the lowest among all regions in the U.S.

70% of all lease agreements (57% acres of rented land) are reported to be renewed on an annual basis.

Farmers are 8.3% less likely to plant cover crops on land they rent.

Education and training center for regenerative and organic agriculture in the Midwest Region

Transitioning to organic is not a matter of simply turning off the chemical sprayers: Farmers must learn to manage soil nutrients without fertilizer and tackle weeds and insects without herbicides and insecticides. It’s a steep learning curve. Most university extensions around the country don’t have organic specialists. Illinois has one. A study conducted among 1,800 farmers transitioning to organic agriculture pointed to mentoring and one-on-one technical assistance as both critical and very difficult to receive. It is clear that there is an imperative need for a resource center available to farmers in transition as well as established organic farming operations if we are to advance and grow the adoption of conservation practices. Healing Soils Foundation is the first center in the Midwest region to support organic growers at this level. – Farm Financial Management Education and Consulting: we provide Farm Financial Management programs with the goal to improve farm business management skills, improve management productivity, increase profitability, and fulfill farmers’ long-term goals. It is accomplished through workshops, seminars, and individual on-farm consultations involving farm business management, strategic and tactical planning, record keeping, financial analysis, and computer applications for farm managers and owners. The program involves adaptive research on business planning techniques, crop and livestock enterprise analysis, farm machinery economics, risk management, crop insurance, computer use in agriculture, and economics of sustainable agriculture methods.





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