Healing Soils Foundation Is Sponsoring a Soil Capital Reserve (SCR)

Healing Soils Foundation

Healing Soils Foundation is sponsoring a soil capital reserve (SCR) that will support those farmers making the change to more regenerative and organic practices. The SCR will be able to accept private, philanthropic, corporate and public sources of funding. HSF will partner with farmers and organizations devoted to improving the public health and helping to reverse the harmful effects of climate change. We believe that it is socially just to enable the public to invest in their public health and the healing of the soil, waters, and all beings. Therefore, our model consists in connecting the public to fund our innovations in finance; this is what we call “public capital”. There’s no other institution doing this.

Funds employed will not be used to acquire new properties, but instead act as capital in reserve to fund cash flow gaps for farmer businesses using regenerative and organic practices. HSF acknowledges that most of these farmers are “next generation” and did not contribute to the mass genocide of our soils in evidence today. We believe it is our public responsibility to support them and help underwrite their success. It is time to stop the killing and start the healing.

“First do no harm” Hippocratic Oath, AD 245

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